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What are Coke Bugs?


Date Posted - 19th Sep 2010 |  Category - Drugs

Coke BugsCoke bugs, or cocaine bugs, are the heightened sensitivity to the skin that makes it feel like bugs are crawling on or under the skin. A person suffering from the effects of cocaine imagines or has hallucinations that there are bugs crawling on them. At A Forever Recovery we can help you to rid yourself of the drugs and the bugs that can come with addiction.

Are Coke bugs real?

When you see a cocaine addict he or she is usually scratching, this is due to the fact that they think there are real bugs crawling in and on them, when in reality there is nothing there. They want to get all the coke bugs they think they feel off. The person addicted to cocaine can end up scratching their skin so much and so deep that they make themselves bleed and cause serious wounds. Some have been known to cut and burn themselves to try and get rid of the bugs. Often times the wounds are so deep that they may need stitches, or they become infected to where they have to receive medical attention to help heal the wounds.

Are you feeling coke bugs crawling?

If the cocaine addict is not entered into rehab, the imaginary coke bugs might become more of a problem and the cocaine addict can cause serious injury to their skin or worse end up killing themselves to get rid of the imaginary coke bugs crawling on and under their skin. Before death or injury becomes a problem call A Forever Recovery at 877-456-3313. This problem with addiction will not go away, just like the imaginary coke bugs wont. Seek professional help immediately to get rid of the bugs.

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